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JoeCo's remote control options enable BlackBox Recorders and Players to be remotely operated and monitored via iPad. Developed for use with a range of iPad models, the JoeCoRemote software app, together with a range of specially designed hardware interfaces, offers remote control of up to four 24- channel or 64-channel BlackBox Recorders/Players.

About the software app
JoeCoRemote 3.3
offers remote control of all standard BlackBox transport functions (Play, Stop, Record), as well as providing access to the BlackBox menu structure for changing settings, naming songs / takes and tracks, editing iXML data for Film and TV applications, etc. This latest version - optimized for use with iOS9 - also meets the increasing demands for remote control of projects involving larger track counts. Using a single iPad, users can view the input metering on up to four connected BlackBoxes and create a real-time monitor mix using the expandable channel strips in each of the Monitor windows. Multiple fader groups can be set up for easier handling. A 28dB PAD on the BBR1MP Recorder mic inputs enables mic processing features (High Pass filter, Limiter, Phantom Power, Phase Reverse), to be used on high output mics and line level inputs.

Improved remote control of Player functions revolutionises creating and controlling Playlists when the BlackBox Player is used as a multi-channel playback device. Changes to the set list can be made on-the-fly and can also be written to both the MAIN and BACKUP disks simultaneously ensuring that a pair of BlackBox systems configured as failover players are fully in sync. This enables creative set list changes to be made at a moment’s notice if required.

For broadcast/film applications, JoeCoRemote 3.3 enables iXML data to be created and modified from with the software. The app also features a headphone volume control and master mix level control.

Professional hardware interfaces
The standard JoeCoRemote professional hardware interface offers remote control of a single BlackBox. The hardware can operate as an adhoc network with the iPad at 2.4GHz or, when the WiFi is more congested, as part of an infrastructure network in the 5GHz band. There's also the option of connecting the iPad via the supplied cable to form a wired connection.

For larger projects, JoeCo MultiRemote enables up to four BlackBoxes to be connected, triggered, monitored and controlled via one iPad. For a simple wired connection, no additional hardware is needed. For wireless operation, the MultiRemote box can be connected to either the JoeCoRemote hardware interface or the JoeCo Bluetooth.

Cost-effective wireless connectivity
JoeCo Bluetooth
is a new cost-effective alternative for wirelessly connecting a BlackBox and iPad. The tiny interface connects directly to the BlackBox. JoeCo Bluetooth can also be connected to the MultiRemote interface for wireless control of up to four BlackBoxes. JoeCo Bluetooth utilizes BLE4.0 which is supported by 3rd generation iPad or later.

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