Shure Twinplex TH53 Headset Omni 1.6mm Cab NoCon Tan


Shure Twinplex TH53 Headset Omni 1.6mm Cab NoCon Tan

Veil. pris: SEK 7 575,- inkl. moms
1,6 mm kabel naturlig lyd lav følsomhet Ideell for kringkastings-, konferanse- og teaterapplikasjoner. Leveringsklar i oktober.

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The TwinPlex™ TH53 offers the natural sound of the TwinPlex element combined with the ease of an ultra-light and fully adjustable headset frame. With an innovative clutch system, the TH53 headset allows for quick adjustment in boom arm length and pitch—all with a simple turn of a knob. Plus, switchable sides and a durable 1.6 mm cable with redundant ground round out this professional headset that overachieves in reliability, audio quality, and comfort.


  • Comfortable, lightweight, and fully adjustable headset for use in theater, broadcast, and speech applications
  • Innovative clutch system allows for fast boom arm length and pitch adjustment
  • Twice the surface area of other subminiature microphones for pristine, natural response and robust low-frequency response due to the patent pending dual-diaphragm design
  • Improved off-axis consistency yields accurate reproduction regardless of vocal source position or movement
  • Best-in-class low self-noise and dynamic range for cleaner audio production
  • Interchangeable sweat- and moisture-resistant frequency caps prevents sweat-outs due to an invisible syperhydrophobic nanoscopic coating
  • Paintable 1.6 mm cable that is immune to memory effect and kinks
  • Dual redundant ground in cable serves as secondary shield for longevity
  • Sound signature: Natural
  • Sensitivity: Low
  • Colors: Tan, Cocoa, Black
  • Connectors: LEMO, MTQG/TA4F, MicroDot, NC (bare wire)
  • Accessories: Ships with accessories and storage case


Weight: 12 g
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity: -45 dBV/Pa – 5.62 mV/Pa
Equivalent Selfnoise: 24.5 dB
Sound Pressure: 142 dB
Transducer Type: Condenser
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Switchable low cut: No
Connectors: LEMO3, MDOT, MTQG, Open Cable Ends
Attenuator: No
Interchangeable Capsule: No
Main Functionality: Performance
Headphone Output: No
Requires Phantom Power: 5 VDC
Cable Diameter: 1.6 mm