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Installation - Kabinett Apart 8" högtalare tvåvägs high SPL träkabinett svart

Apart 8" högtalare tvåvägs high SPL träkabinett svart

Varunummer: APA-MASK8-BL

Vägl. pris: kr 2 900,- inkl. moms

Lagerstatus: 10 på lager

8" high SPL two-way loudspeaker, black

MASK8 is a robust 8” high SPL two-way loudspeaker for low impedance installations. This unique and innovative design loudspeaker used in conjunction with a subwoofer will deliver high intelligibility and vocal perfection! The curved fine metal grille together with its timeless shape gives MASK8 a different, yet inconspicuous look.

MASK8 loudspeakers can be used as full range loudspeakers, however we advise to use them in combination with the Apart subwoofers SUB2201 and SUB2400. Its wide frequency range makes sure every note, starting from the punchy bass over the clean middle range to the crystal clear highs, reaches your ears with an astonishing clarity. MASK8 has a very powerful 8” coated paper cone woofer. Together with the 1” Ferro-fluid cooled silk dome tweeter on a Waveguide horn, this results in a high SPL, an ultra low distortion and a sound that comes close to studio monitor quality.

After mounting the bracket on the wall, the sleeve in the bracket makes it quite easy and safe to fix the loudspeaker, even in uncomfortable positions. The MASK8 cabinet has several thread mounting points tapped at the back, the top and side of the cabinet. This way the cabinet can be rigged or mounting clamps can be used. An extra contractor advantage! MASK8 also has a pole mount adapter in its bottom. This adapter makes it possible to mount the speaker on top of a standard 35mm pole such as the Apart STFLOOR, STSUB and STT.

The built-in Auto-Reset 2-step Protection Guard together with the quality components makes MASK8 a fail-safe loudspeaker, even at high power loads! MASK8 is delivered with a metal U-bracket.

Overload Protection
All MASK models have a unique overload protection, which only comes into the signal path when needed. When too much power is fed into your MASK, rst a red led will blink. When you neglect this warning, the overload protection will disconnect the signal going to the loudspeakers and the red led will remain on. Turn down the level and after about 5 seconds cooling down your favourite music will be heard again. When you don’t want to work on your client’s nerves, don’t activate the overload protection!

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Apart 8" högtalare tvåvägs high SPL träkabinett vit Varunr: APA-MASK8-W
Vägl. pris: kr 2 900,- inkl. moms