Installation - Innbyggnadshögtalare Apart 8" tvåvägs takhögtalare 100 volt / 20 watt vit

Apart 8" tvåvägs takhögtalare 100 volt / 20 watt vit

Varunummer: APA-CMX20T

Vägl. pris: kr 720,- inkl. moms

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8" two-way loudspeaker, white

CMX20T two-way built-in loudspeaker produces a warm and deep sound ideal for speech and music. The CMX20T loudspeaker has an 8” enforced polypropylene woofer and 1” tweeter. Due to this enforced woofer, the loudspeaker has a very low distortion! It makes the CMX20T very suitable for the distribution of microphone calls and background music at a higher volume level.

The housing is made of high quality ABS. The woofer is made out of enforced polypropylene with a rubber edge, what makes it moisture-proof. The aluminium grille makes CMX20T humidity proof and suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

In 16 ohms use, you can connect up to 4 loudspeakers in parallel on each channel of a standard 4 ohms amplifier. For 100 volt use, the CMX20T is equipped with a high-quality 20 watts 100 volt transformer with several power tappings (20 – 10 – 5 – 2.5 watts).

This loudspeaker is easy to install, due to its simple, quick mounting system with only 3 screws. These screws are hidden behind the loudspeaker grill, what gives the loudspeaker a modern and striking design. From 12 pieces on, the CMX20T loudspeakers can be painted optionally in any other RAL colour (REF: PAINT-CM).