Installation - Innbyggnadshögtalare Apart 6.5" tvåvägs takhögtalare 100volt 6W 16 ohms 60W, vit

Apart 6.5" tvåvägs takhögtalare 100volt 6W 16 ohms 60W, vit

Varunummer: APA-CM6T

Vägl. pris: kr 505,- inkl. moms

Lagerstatus: 12 på lager
6.5" two-way loudspeaker

Apart CM6T is a two-way low impedance or 100 volt loudspeaker suitable for the distribution of microphone calls and background music. In 16 ohms use, you can connect up to 4 loudspeakers in parallel on each channel of a standard 4 ohms amplifier.

For 100 volt use, the CM6T is equipped with a high-quality 6 watt 100 volt transformer with several power tappings (6 - 3 – 1.5 watts).

CM6T is easy to install, due to its simple quick mounting system with only 3 screws.

This loudspeaker is now updated with a new Quick Fix connector and transformer tapping sticker for an even faster and easier installation.

Versatile for almost every market around the globe due to the addition of the 70 / 100 volt connection, the CM series is bound to stay the standard installer’s choice in the fixed install market.

The complete redesign of the CM Series is done according to the corporate Apart identity. Apart blue speaker clamps and product sticker, an Apart marked transformer and loudspeaker basket.

From 12 pieces on, the CM6T loudspeakers can be painted optionally in any other RAL color (Ref. PAINT-CM).

The housing is made of high quality ABS. The 6 ½” woofer is made of special enforced polypropylene what results in a very low distortion. To complete the sound, a quality 1” tweeter has been integrated. The grille is made of aluminium what makes CM6T humidity proof and suited for bathrooms, kitchens...