Installation - Innbyggnadshögtalare Apart 8" två-vägs takhögtalare 8ohm 100w vit

Apart 8" två-vägs takhögtalare 8ohm 100w vit

Varunummer: APA-CM1008

Vägl. pris: kr 595,- inkl. moms

Lagerstatus: 17 på lager
8" two-way loudspeaker

The Apart CM1008 two-way built-in low impedance loudspeaker can be used with a standard hi-fi or professional amplifier. It provides you with a powerful transparent and warm sound that covers the complete frequency band what makes this speaker suitable for the distribution of music at a higher volume level.

The housing of CM1008 is made of high quality ABS. It has a 1” tweeter and the 8” enforced woofer is made out of polypropylene, what makes it moisture-proof (IP54). The grille is made of aluminium what makes CM1008 suitable to be used in humid environments.

The loudspeaker is easy to install, due to its simple, quick mounting system with 3 screws. These screws are hidden behind the loudspeaker grill, what gives the loudspeaker a modern and striking design.

From 12 pieces on, the CM1008 loudspeakers can be painted optionally in any other RAL color (Ref. PAINT-CM).