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Tilbehör Apart kontrollpanel med volymkontroll och power switch

Apart kontrollpanel med volymkontroll och power switch

Varunummer: APA-ACP

Vägl. pris: kr 400,- inkl. moms

Lagerstatus: 22 på lager
Volume control panel for SDQ5PIR

ACP is a wired remote control for the Apart SDQ5PIR active speaker. This audio control panel makes you forget the worries associated with the use of audio in public rooms used by different people on an almost hourly basis. No more stolen or lost remote controls, no more battery problems and no worries because of sunlight that bothers the IR receiver.

The ACP has a brushed aluminum front that fits into any interior style. The remote control panel can power the SDQ5PIR ON or OFF, has volume control or direct muting. A power indicating LED indicates the power status of the active speakers. Connection to the active speaker is done by a CAT5 cable which also takes care of power.

For easy mounting two in-wall boxes are available: E-MODIN for dry walls and N-MODIN for brick walls.