Tillbehör Stage Router W-Lan Router rackmonterbar

Stage Router W-Lan Router rackmonterbar

Varunummer: NOW-SR

Vägl. pris: kr 3 120,- inkl. moms

Lagerstatus: 1 på lager

The Nowsonic stage router is a unique wireless LAN router for direct connection to peripheral devices such as digital mixing consoles . With its 19″ housing the stage router can comfortably be installed in each live rack and can be connected via CAT5 cable with suitably equipped digital consoles or other network-enabled devices.

The integrated Wi-Fi router from the Stage router now provides a wireless LAN environment in the frequency bands 2.4 GHz ( according to the standard 802.11g) and / or 5 GHz ( according to the standard 802.11n) over which Wi-Fi enabled devices such as tablet PCs or smartphones be integrated.

Stage router now serves as a wireless access point and sends control commands of suitable apps that are installed on the mobile terminals to the connected digital mixing consoles. Likewise Stage router reports the status of the digital mixing console functions and displays the app on the mobile device, thus clarifying the operational status of the controlled device.
On the two receiving antennas for each band Stage router can be used as true diversity system: In the 5 GHz band Stage router can be operated in parallel to wireless microphone distances and ensures trouble-free operation. Installation and commissioning is easy using a setup screen that can be opened in any current browser.