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Digitala A&H Dante Card 64x64, 48kHz

A&H Dante Card 64x64, 48kHz

Varunummer: AHT-M-DANTE-A

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Dante kort til iLive.

DanteTM is a ground breaking, Ethernet compliant audio networking technology developed by Australian company Audinate to satisfy the increasing demands of the live sound industry for high performance audio, routing flexibility and affordable direct to computer recording. It uses CAT5 cable and standard networking components to distribute multiple streams of audio plus integrated control data with sub millisecond latency.

Allen & Heath are implementing the new Brooklyn II card from Audinate which takes Dante technology to a new level with a full 64 channels of bi-directional audio. The M-DANTE card can be fitted into Port B of any iLive MixRack for system linking, digital mic splitting, up to 64 track recording, and networking with the growing number of Dante equipped third party audio processors, amplifiers and more. It can also be fitted into Port A of the RAB2 equipped modular iLive as an alternative Surface to MixRack link.

Dante Virtual Soundcard is software from Audinate that lets you connect up to 64 channels of iLive audio directly to your PC or Mac via its Ethernet port, ideal for multitrack recording and playback, or working with popular processing plug-ins. One Dante Virtual Soundcard licence is provided free with M-DANTE. More can be purchased from Audinate. A limited period free trial is also available.

Use the token provided with the M-DANTE card to obtain your free DVS licence ID here.

Please note - The Allen & Heath M-DANTE card provides an interface to a Dante network. The Dante networking standard, Brooklyn II hardware used and the software required to set it up and record to computer is provided and supported by Audinate. For further information or help on using Dante please refer to the documentation and support at Audinate.

Ytterligere informasjon: http://bit.ly/p7JytZ