ArmoníaPlus släpper uppdatering!

Utvecklarna på Powersoft har arbetat hårt för att effektivisera funktionaliteten hos sin systemmanager ArmoníaPlus och har nu en mjukvara med en rad förbättringar, bl a gränssnittet, subharmonisk stöd för Mover m.m

ArmoníaPlus gets an update!  

The team has been working hard to streamline the functionalities of our system manager, with improvements done in the amplifier's detail user interface, the addition of a subharmonic generator to better support the Mover transducer, and much more!

 Here's what's new: 


  • Completely revised amplifier's details user interface: now it's easier to access all the amplifier's processing block;
  •  Control of Dante settings right from the amplifier details;
  • New speaker preset v3 format including manufacturer eq and other parameters
  • Sub-harmonics generator for particular speaker preset (currently only for Powersoft Mover);
  • Added Marketplace - giving easy access to third-party models (speaker and amplifiers);
  • Added support for DspLite Eth;
  • Extended support for some workspace functionalities to some legacy devices (M-Series, Dsp modules);
  • Updated speaker preset library;
FW updates across the line are also available and included in this release.