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dLive firmware V1.4 and fibreACE option card

Allen & Heath is pleased to announce the release of V1.4 firmware for all dLive users.

New features in V1.4 include advanced dynamic processing with the Dyn8 plugin providing 4 bands of dynamic EQ and 4 bands of multiband compression, DCA spills, quick Virtual Soundcheck mode, plus the Dimension Chorus Rack FX unit. There are also new additions to the array of DEEP embedded plugins comprising the Peak Compressor/Limiter 76 emulation of a classic compressor and multistage ducking.

For further information on V1.4 and to download click here.

We are also delighted to announce that the new fibreACE audio networking card is now shipping. Offering 128x128ch at 96kHz over CAT cable or multimode fibre optic up to 500m, fibreACE is an ideal solution for digital splits and audio distribution in large scale events and installations.

For further information on fibreACE click here.

New Features
  • Virtual Soundcheck mode
  • DCA spills
  • Dyn8 insert-able dynamic engine
  • DEEP Processing Peak Limiter 76
  • Multistage ducking
  • Dimension Chorus effect
  • 3rd screen view on VGA output
  • Support of dLive C Class products and fibreACE audio networking card