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Digitala Chrome edition A&H GLD-80 Console

Chrome edition A&H GLD-80 Console

Varunummer: AHT-GLD-80CHROME

Vägl. pris: kr 45 995,- inkl. moms

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GLD is a user-friendly, cost effective and scalable live digital mixing system, conceptually based on the hugely successful digital iLive series. Plug n’ play I/O expanders make it easy to build systems with up to 48 inputs, supported by a full suite of apps, software and personal monitoring solutions.

At the heart of the system is the GLD-80 mixer, providing 48 input processing channels, 8 stereo FX returns fed by our acclaimed FX emulations, 30 configurable buses, 20 mix processing channels, and DSP power to provide full processing without compromise. Now available in a new GLD Chrome Edition, with sleek new styling, Automatic Mic Mixing, new embedded plugin FX and new compressor models on all channels.

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