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Tilbehör A&H MADI Module - 64 channel dual port MADI

A&H MADI Module - 64 channel dual port MADI

Varunummer: AHT-M-MADI-A

Vägl. pris: kr 11 595,- inkl. moms

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MADI kort til iLive.

Dual port MADI card supports two streams of 64 channel bi-directional 24-bit 48kHz serial digital audio transmission using two 75 ohm coaxial cables per port. An additional AUX connector can be configured to mirror stream 1 outputs, pass thru stream 1 inputs, or as a word clock input or output.. Daisy chain or split signals to multiple devices, sync with either stream or an external word clock. The second port can be configured as an independent stream or as a redundant backup connection using a second cable. Signals from either stream can be routed to the iLive channels in blocks of 8. iLive outputs can be patched to MADI and appear at both stream outputs.

M-MADI can be fitted to Port B in any iLive MixRack and to Port A in RAB2 equipped iLive as an alternative to ACE™ or EtherSound as the MixRack to Surface link. It can not be fitted to Port B of the iLive Surface. MADI recording at the Surface is possible using M-MADI in Port A instead, providing the Surface to MixRack link with ability to route additional signals for recording.

Ytterligere informasjon: http://bit.ly/oQxUPH