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Tilbehör A&H Waves Card v2 for iLive/GLD/ME

A&H Waves Card v2 for iLive/GLD/ME

Varunummer: AHT-M-WAVES-A

Vägl. pris: kr 14 395,- inkl. moms

Lagerstatus: 3 på lager
Waves kort til iLive.

Audio Interface Card​M-Waves is one of a range of audio networking cards which can be fitted to iLive to enable integration with other systems. Benefitting from SoundGrid networking technology, it’s ideal for Waves high precision plug-in processing, multitrack recording and playback.

M-Waves gives access to 64 input and 64 output channels and can be fitted to the expansion slot in iLive fixed format MixRacks (iDR-16, iDR-32, iDR-48 & iDR-64) or expander (xDR-16). It can also be fitted to iLive modular MixRacks (iDR-0, iDR-10) if they are fitted with the new RAB-2 standard.

An integrated Ethernet switch with two EtherCon and one RJ45 SoundGrid ports is provided on the M-Waves module to allow connection of multiple devices.

SoundGrid is an Audio-over-Ethernet networking protocol developed by Waves for real-time professional audio applications. It provides an extremely low latency environment using standard Gigabit Ethernet networks. Audio processing is performed on dedicated, Intel-based servers running a customized version of Linux. Audio is streamed from an iLive MixRack to the Server and back to the iLive after being processed by a multitude of Waves reverbs, equalizers, compressors and more.

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