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Mixers A&H Xone DB2 Digital DJ FX Mixer

A&H Xone DB2 Digital DJ FX Mixer

Varunummer: AHT-XONE-DB2

Vägl. pris: kr 12 335,- inkl. moms

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The Xone:DB range exploits the potential of digital mixer technology to bring you maximum DJ creativity. A key element is what we believe to be the highest quality and most sophisticated FX engine in the DJ market. Originally developed for the iLive pro touring system and rated by some of the best ears in the business, the FX algorithms have been painstakingly optimised for DJ use. The first mixer to get the new FX engine was the Xone:DB4 – an unapologetic monster of a mixer with an FX engine on each channel. Now the Xone:DB2 captures the essence of DB4 in a stylish, accessible, affordable format.