Flerspårs JoeCo BBR1 Blackbox 24 Tr Recorder unbalanced

JoeCo BBR1 Blackbox 24 Tr Recorder unbalanced

Varunummer: BBR-1

Vägl. pris: kr 25 995,- inkl. moms

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Sample Rates supported:
44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz & 96kHz

Latency (line in to line out)
Zero. (Line in monitor by relay bypass for power failsafe, E-E selectable when powered if preferred).

Analogue Inputs
levels: -10dB / +4dB switchable
Max input level: +22dBU = 0dBFS
A-D conversion: 24 bit, 96kHz
106dB S/N; 96dB THD+N (typical A-weighted 48kHz)

Analogue Outputs
levels: -10dB / +4dB switchable
Max output level: +22dBU = 0dBFS
D-A conversion: 24 bit / 96kHz
106dB S/N; 94dB THD+N (typical A-weighted 48kHz

Timecode Reader
Frame Rates: 24,25,29.97 drop and non-drop, 30 fps; Trigger only (no chase)

19" rack mountable - 1U high
Dimensions: 425mm x 150mm x 44.4mm
Weight: 2.1kg
dc input: 7.5V - 15V
Power consumption: <18W

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