Bowie in Berlin - brilliant when Bowie's transferred from synth to symphony


There was standing ovations at the Berwald Hall for the interpretation of Bowie's Berlin Trilogy. The organizer Hans Ek has delicately transferred the pop star from synth to symphony. (SvD 01/12/16)

Initiator, conductor and arranger is Hans Ek, together with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and choir Zero8. Soloists are Jenny Abrahamsson, Moto Boy and Magnus Carlson.

”"These albums contains infinitely. Big pop classics interspersed with avant-garde art. This means that it suits exceptionally well for symphony orchestra. it's transboundary and exciting and there will be some mighty concerts! "Says Magnus Carlson in a press release from the Swedish Radio.

For technical processing and sound mix was Musikalisk Ljudteknink, Surte Norin (FOH) and monitor Peter Fredriksson (Norr). For that they were using two Allen & Heath dLive surfaces and mixed over 100 channels. These were sent to the Swedish Radio via MADI so they could make their mix. In addition to A & H dLive system they had good support from a wide range of Audio Technica microphones.

At such a big production, with over 100 people in the orchestra, bands, soloists and large choir, control and separation is the Alpha and Omega. In order to "get rid of" room and leakage as much as possible he was closed micing the entire choir and for this Surte was using Audio Technica's vocalmic AE6100.


Monitors were a mix of Yamaha's and EAW's Microwegde. The smaller EAW MW8 was used for the band and inside the orchestra and the slightly larger EAW MW12 was used in front for the soloists. 

Hans Ek has previously interpreted Kraftwerk and Björk and has three sold-out Bowie concerts in Gothenburg and soon four sold-out performances at the Berwald Hall behind. There were standing ovations at the premiere last Thursday.

For the orchestra AT’s presence was distinct with vary of condensators. For example, the horn section was using the AT4050, The three percussion kits had several AE3000’s. But Surte also used dynamic microphones as the AE2300 for the upright basses. The drum kit were using AT5045 as overhead and the classic ATM25 on the kick drum.