Pre-launch i Sverige av nya turnésystemet
För er som har tänkt besöka Into the Valley i Dalhalla i månadsskiftet så kan vi presentera en riktigt het premiär!
På den stora scenen i kalkstensbrottet kommer ni att få höra FUNKTION-ONE:s nya arenasystem - VERO.
Än så länge så finns det väldigt lite information om det nya systemet. Vi har dock grävt fram lite godbitar ur diverse intervjuer som gjorts med Tony Andrews under våren som varit. 

VERO by FUNKTION-ONE på Red Rocks Amfiteater i Colorado

Vero achieves a balanced equation of quality and feature-set. “Every detail of its composition has been meticulously considered and developed,” states Funktion-One founder Tony Andrews. “This delivers two key objectives: exceptional audio performance and user-friendly functionality.
”While Andrews recognizes the pressure on manufacturers to optimize the cost-base, it is clear he believes that this needn’t be at the expense of quality. “While Vero’s primary aim is to achieve the best sound quality possible, its intelligent design features ensure that the user experience is straightforward, making efficient use of tight production timeframes”, he says.
“Vero – the Latin word meaning 'in truth' – with that we're hoping to bring ‘sonic truth’ to the market.”

 "Vero is a return to our roots, which are in live sound. We are in the middle of a surprisingly creative period at the moment. We do have unique technology and there are universal applications for it, so we're gradually making the most of that. It's about applying the technology in a way that's right for each market and that's what we've been doing with the new Vero system."

Benum kommer vara på plats och ta del av evenemanget i Dalhalla.

Vi återkommer med mer info och bilder senare i augusti/september!